At the very beginning of our partnership you'll get the high percentage of each invited user's deposit. Grow your level, and get 20% profit each user.


You will receive money for EACH user which you invite.


Anyone who uses your referral link will receive a bonus of 0.55$. And when your level rise - bonus will rise too!


Are you an online entertainer of any sort? Webmaster? Twitch? Youtube? Perhaps own an e-sports team? You're at the right place!

What is this partner program about?

As a StrikeDrop partner you get your referral link. User which you want to invite need just to follow your link. You will get money for each invited user and % from your referrals deposits.

How much can I earn?

You start with 5% on Level 1 and rise up to 20% at Level 10. Also, each user which you invite - gives you 0.01$. Your level and profit depend on the total amount of your referrals deposits. Your percent increases automatically with deposits rising. You get higher % and more profit with more referrals. Share your referral link via social media, promote it on your website, Youtube, Twitch or Facebook to get more referrals and higher profit.

What invited user receive?

Each invited user receive 0.55$ on balance.

When do I get the money?

You’ll get money into your partner-balance every time your referrals fill up their balance.

How will my referral link look like?

Automatically, you get a unique combination of referral link, but you can change it whenever you want for any combination that is vacant. Your new referral link should contain only Latin alphabet letters, numbers 0-16, symbols

I gave my referral link to many people, but I didn’t receive money. What is wrong?

There are two possible reasons: Your referrals used your link but didn’t fill their balance on the site. Your referrals used partner link of another partner just before making the deposit.

I have a gaming channel on Youtube / Twitch and I want to promote my StrikeDrop partnership there. What can you offer me?

We will be glad to discuss our cooperation. Please, contact us:

[email protected]
Level Earn to get level Your percentage User Gets
1 0$ 5% 0.55$
2 250$ 6% 0.60$
3 750$ 7% 0.65$
4 1 500$ 8% 0.70%
5 3 000$ 8.5% 0.75$
6 5 000$ 9% 0.80$
7 10 000$ 9% 0.85$
8 15 000$ 12.5% 0.90$
9 20 000$ 15% 0.95$
10 25 000$ 20% 1.00$