frequently asked questions (faq)
What is the

This is the first of its kind site for opening cards from which you can get CS: GO skins, this method is much more profitable than opening cases in the game itself or on other resources. Our system is completely randomness, therefore completely fair.

How does it work?

Simply add money to the balance in any convenient way, select the card you like and begin to erase the layer, if you can find 3 same skins on the 9x9 field, you will get the best prize, If you can not don't worry, you will get a guaranteed skin.

How Do I Know You're Legit?

Check out our facebook, twitter and steam group, both have hundreds of followers that talk about us every day!

Okay… Why would I open CARDs on

Because getting a good item is so, so much easier. It’s been debated, but most people agree that it takes a lot of money and opens to get a knife on Steam. Why not use a little bit another way to "open case" but guarantee yourself the skin you want?

Can I use this to trade up my skins?

Yes! You can deposit your own skins and take out something better.

Can you give me free skins?

Follow and Join our twitter and steam group. We give out thousands of dollars worth of skins every week on there!Want money on balance go to Rewards. You'll get rewards for completing some tasks that specified on that Rewards page.

I have filled up balance via G2A Pay but money didn't come. What to do?

Your payment may be delayed for 5-30 minutes. Don't panic, its a usual thing for online worldwide transactions. If your account was not refilled within an hour, please navigate to support tab on the site navigation and create a ticket with following information:

Transaction ID: Your transaction code

Payment transaction ID: Your payment digital code

That information can be found at payment confirmation email. Open an a receipt email from G2A, and copy url of "rate this transaction" button. It contains a Payment Transaction ID unique number.

What are your trading requirements?

You need Steam mobile authenticator enabled to accept skins from

Please note:

Due to Steam restrictions, you will have to set your inventory visibility to "public" before to be able receive a trade offer. Also please verify that your steam trade offer url is working properly and your steam account doesn’t have any trade limitations.

What if i won't open my card or open it but won't take skin?

Remember that after buying a card you have 6 hours to open it, after which it will be opened automatically, you will receive a guaranteed skin in your inventory (and also the bonus skin in that case when automatic opening will open 3 field with identical skins) which will be sold in 1 hour.

Also please note, after open card and get skin in your's inventory you have form 1 to 3 hours to take it before autosell (it depends from rarity of the skin)

After autosold you get full price for skins.